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There is a line of people who cherish each other and have a love word cone. The cup of youth, the spirit of the book, you, the girl. I have a friend, she is not great, but not ordinary; she is not modest, but not proud; she is not natural, but not artificial. She is her, the book fragrance is crowned for her, and everything from the inside out is different. If the woman is born only as she first saw, what is the autumn wind and sadness to draw a fan. "In the summer, the wind met the cloud, the flower met the tree, the firefly met the starlight, and I met you. The first time I met, you wore a sky blue short-sleeved shirt, the clear and bright eyes were extraordinarily fascinating, and the nose was covered with a candy. Colored glasses, a bunch of pony tails swaying at will. The prostitute who loves to read - this is my first impression of you. Your joke-like self-introduction has made me forget for a long time, my name is 'Qianqu', ' Asked where the channel is clear, the 'question channel', I introduced a friend to you in the next day, she called 'Zhu Xi'." You smile like a flower, the dimples on the cheeks are deeply depressed, this smile is also sweet Like candy Newport 100S, if you are in Jingmei, it��s not because of the encounter, the sea otters, where should I go to trace your traces? At this moment Cigarettes For Sale, as if in the Shili Taoyuan, I will remember the memories of Sansei III. I can laugh a few times, and I have to be drunk when I have a drink. "I care about you, so I like you; I like you, so I am with you; I am with you, so I miss you; I miss you, so I am distressed by your pure white sneakers, dark green horns, vermilion track, green oil The grass is the same. We walk in the same direction and walk side by side, so we walk around the playground without aim. At the same time, talking about heaven, from person to thing Newport Cigarettes Coupons, from novel to beautiful, from yesterday to today... When you look forward to the moon, look forward to the stars, I hope you return; wait for the storm, wait for the rainbow, I will wait for you to come to class, you always hold a book, sit quietly in your seat, everything will sink for you. You Say that you like the willow tree, always draw it in the palm of your hand, hold on to it, don't let go, and often give it a poem. I want to burn my heart and fire, as long as you can know what I think, enough. From that Later, I fell in love with reading. On September 1, 2015, you wore a sky blue short-sleeved shirt and a ponytail, which is the first time I saw you. I am not good at writing people, but I would like to use three. Thousands of inks, you smile, accompanied by the sunset, watching the stars and falling stars, watching birds and birds returning Welcome winter winter lines only.
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