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Iron cow still doesn't hide, two hands at the same time, the gold just pointed dead straight Chuo to be dressed in the feet bottom of shoes to the small white.
Tie Niu knows that even if is to across 1 F leather, his point strength son can also wear through go to, go directly to his legs.Even if the leather blocks descend some attack, can also let his two legs have the numbness of a short moment.To a superior, just for an instant of can not move, also enough do a lot of affairs.
Is small white that is willing to fall into trap, will be ordered China Times by the finger of iron cow at the double feet.The body was unexpectedly and in the sky held up for a while and displayed perfect Zhi empty ability.
The double feet abruptly and in the sky adjusted a direction, the legs bottom presses and originally makes the shot is to adjust a distance downward to the legs Leng of his chest and kept to straightly kick on his belly.
Deng Deng Deng----
Iron cow ground body repeatedly retreats, then bumps hospital ground a while a hospital wall at Chen Jia Da Dun up.Hospital Cape drive iron cow strongly body to bump of have slight vibration, the iron gate of connective hospital wall unexpectedly the Mao be Mao to regard as ring.
This time there is some Nus in iron cow.
Crumpled to crumple some aching arms.Shout at top of voice toward the small white rush toward pass by.
The small white retreats.Then blunt before accelerating.The body again starts to jump, be like grew a wing ground bird sort, again bumped to pass by to the chest of iron cow.
Iron cow made one 1000 catties fall to, the body dead hopeless situation stares at on the ground.Allow small white to fly to come of on kicking in own chest, then haven't come yet at him and take out the time of feet .A hold tight his ankle.The hands pour to lift small bird, ruthlessly to hospital wall up bumped to pass by.
This for a while if hit in, it is a small hoary head to break a blood to afraid not, this wall body to tumble down.
The small white has no the slightest panic, the hands are ex- to stretch, fiercely support on the wall, then ask for help of the dint of rebound to push backward, and letting iron cow again the Mao Mao Mao ground the backset is several steps.Almost standing is unsteady.
The small white takes advantage of an opportunity to succeed in escaping, are again the chest that a feet score goal iron cow.
This time, iron cow avoids being seen to cannot compare with.The whole bodies all crash into a hospital wall up.
Again is a greatly ring.That wall body that fructify unexpectedly starts lightning flash Pa make to ring.
Iron cow just left a wall body ground to depend on and step forward an one step.Is another small white time of fly a body since then, before the double forward, a that attacks directly Huang Long power.
Iron cow vomits an one mouthful blood, the whole individual's body again bumps shot on the hospital wall.
After being a to greatly ring, iron cow frequently bumped shot ground wall body to unexpectedly appear a cave hole.
The 2 people violent in action has no the strength of, and iron cow is hard such as copper Zhu of under the tossing about of body continuously, hospital wall unbearable this heavy pressure, finally start blowout.
Iron cow put on a pair of the blood on the corner of mouth, from the cave hole in come out of time .The place that that is cave to go in starts tumbling down.
Brick piece the voice for falling to the ground continuously spreads.The whole persons of Chen Jia Da Dun's hospitals were all waked up with a start.A bedroom ground the light was bright to get up, had the maid full face to frightenedly run out to the place that sends out sound in quick time.
Tang Guo and Chen Mo Nongs are still chatting in room.After hearing an outside ground sound, all have no to care too much.But wait until to feel the whole yard all after vibrate, also hearing the voice that the wall body tumbles down, 2 people barefoot Ya son the dynasty outside run.Earthquake?
Rush out at the same time of still have Chen Fu Chen the mother, and Chen Jia's all maids, it is what autumn and leaf's spare time 2 people of leaf are to had better come out come to pour.
Their ear dint differs with ordinary people and early hear that ring.Understand is iron cow and small white after exchanging blows, 2 people didn't be matter son once.They also usually so beat around before, consider as is train for physical fitness.
Unexpectedly these 2 people will beat so vigorously today.
"It originally isn't an earthquake."Tang Guo claps own small soft breasts, a face thankfully says.
The hospital wall that Chen Mo Nong dumbstruckly looking at to tumble down, sees a strengthen the solid man breaks from that of drill out in entrance to cave, the corner of mouth still has a blood, on the body also the ash receive of, toward their smile with embarrassed look.Feel this kind of condition to vibrate very much.

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