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"This scarf is what year ago knits like, at that time-----Two Yas think to see yours.But have been having no opportunity.Originally also want this time, don't know what is the row son.Be unable to come again, let me to your Shao.She hears Yan city of winter is very cold, knits a scarf defends for you cold."
Iron cow still station side say words at the leaf autumn, but leaf autumn but is that the facial expression is absentminded.Imitated a Buddha to listenned to into each word that he says clearly, and then imitated a Buddha, a words didn't listen to into.Those words the ground ear go in from the left side, again the ground rushes out in ear from the right side.
Iron cow sees a stagnant facial expression of leaf for autumn and lightly sighed tone.The Nie hand Nie feet ground walked to go out.Help a leaf for autumn lightly take last room door.
At ordinary times in the mountain village ground time, iron cows would not° until beat some kind of boxings go to bed.Arrive at empress in the big city.He doesn't dare as well dozen in evening ground lightning flash Pa make to ring, noisy of the person can not sleep.Hence walk to hospital doorway, he knows small white in this neighborhood.
Didn't see him for a long time.Don't know that he isn't very good as well.Is true happy, every day can with at the elder brother of loach is nearby.
It is regrettable.Oneself has no opportunity to come out.
Iron cow just came out front door, together and blackly the shadow of human figure then appeared from the corner of the street.
Black western dress, white gloves, moonlight next handsome beautiful like the beautiful face of spirit, is exactly a small long time no see ground white.
On iron cow face a pleased, when just thinking say "hello" with him and then think of fighting both with open and secret means of 2 people's, again intentionally the plank rise a face.
The step of the small white son slowly walks to iron cow in front slowly, eyes coldly conjecture him.Be like saw stranger's sort.
Iron cow also annoys the drum drum the ground looking at small white, the muscle clothes on the body are like Chong balloons, slowly summon up.
This isn't iron cow to have what inborn true spirit, but his muscle is inflating.
What he did is to defend the body effort iron cloth Shan most basically, "wear made of iron dress Shan", the meant to be whole body,such as steel, can resist any attack of outside dint.
This kind of effort in brief and easily does, the type of January is then small to become.But want to do into profound state, but difficult if ascend heaven.Jot down according to 《Wu Shu 》 .Iron cloth Shan does Chengkong University to become single state Zhang to open stone, iron head to break brick, reinforcing bar to tie up neck and iron to break a stone and used for boxing in can protect a body to shut cave, the dint frighteneds a person, whole body cutthroat, canning offend can defend, very severe.
Practice this achievement for iron cow ten few years, have already gone to greatly become state.
"Do you want to fight with me?I ain't afraid you."Iron cow's canning not stand small white that is icy cold to kill idea ground eyes, gets angry with ground to say.
The small white ordered to nod, one feet kicked toward the chest of iron cow past.
Is quick if lightning flash, if disease meteor.
The small white doesn't have of omen feet, iron cow basically avoids to have no to avoid.Compare the words of putting together the speed, ten iron cows fall behind a small white.
So, this kicking is wearing.
Iron cow connects back the quite a few tread, body this just may may of stand firm.
Clap the dust on the chest, get angry with ground to say:"Your this person how each time so?Always need to shout a beginning?How a don't utter and then make moves?"
See the cold idea in the small white face colder Lie, iron cow just realizes that oneself made a blunder.
The small white basically can not talk, oneself says so, is it the Chuo somebody else's wound to be unequal to?
Embarrassed Nao Nao head, iron cow Han Han ground says:"I ain't that meaning.My meaning BE-----Oh, mama, my words haven't finished saying.How do you want to open a dozen again?"
Does iron cow still need to explain, the small white has already launched his second-time attack.
The speed starts completely, body swoop, turn to point like knife, dead straight put toward iron cow ground eyes pass by.
The person who practices iron cloth Shan, eyes are the biggest soft Lei.
He and iron cow is naturally on bed terms, a rightness of sworn enemieses.Originally on the time in mountain village, 2 people have no little once fight.Only iron cow loses to win more little, the dying being always beaten by the small white lives.Can what iron cow do is iron cloth Shan, skin Cao the meat is thick, look external injury very severity each time, after wiping some medicines,

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