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On Sunday afternoon, I came to my grandmother's house early to prepare to let out my fat rabbit and let it breathe. At this time, my sister also came, and we came to the rabbit cage together. As soon as the rabbit saw us, he seemed to meet an old friend he hadn't seen in many years. I waved my hand gently, beckoning it to be quiet. It was like an obedient child, and it really crouched down. = Just opened the cage, the rabbit rushed out like an arrow off the string Cheap Cigarettes. After a while, he burrowed under the haystack to play, and then ran into the vegetable field to nibble the vegetable leaves. When we greeted it into the cage, it didn't look at us, as if it was saying to us: "I haven't played enough, you wait!" We both let the rabbit out of the cage! But think about it, the two of us can't deal with a bunny? So, we acted. We ran after the rabbit in the yard, but the square characters were worse than the four thousand characters-they were a bit worse mokingusacigarettes.com. Suddenly, the rabbit fled into the sheep barn. What can I do? I wanted to go in to catch it, but the sheep's eyes widened, with its two horns, as if to warn me: I'm the master of my site, so you can't let it come. My eyes rolled, and I thought of a good way. I found it and threw the vegetables to it. Taking advantage of the goat's free time, I turned in. But the hole was too deep, and the rabbit hid inside Carton Of Cigarettes. I couldn't get it out, but I was sweating. The elder sister found a wooden stick and tried to "pull out" the rabbit, but also failed. At this moment, I was suddenly inspired to let my sister guard in front of the rabbit hole. I walked behind the sheep shed and slapped the back wall with bricks. The rabbit was frightened and drilled out, but when she saw the elder sister at the hole, she shrank back again. We have given up again. But we are not discouraged. I let my elder sister stand in front of the sheep shed, a little further away from the rabbit hole, and continued to hit the back wall of the sheep shed hard. The rabbit came out like a lifeless man, and he ran desperately when he saw no one at the hole. Before the elder sister could be relieved, the rabbit suddenly drilled from under her crotch. Breathless and sweating. But I didn't expect the rabbit to throw himself into the net and ran into the front yard. I think the rabbit was probably in a hurry. We quickly closed the door and prepared to catch turtles in an urn. Finally, we rushed it to the corner of the wall, and I said angrily: "Damn cub, now see where you are going?" The rabbit saw no way to escape, so he obediently snatched.
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