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2017 my mother wrote a composition [Part 1] My mother is not beautiful, a common face, a pair of simple eyes, medium size. She has nothing striking, but in my eyes, my mother is more beautiful than anyone else, and I love her the most. I remember one time when I woke up in the middle of the night and felt a little pain in my stomach. I turned over and over in bed and couldn't sleep. My mother asked me softly: What's wrong, Yue Yue? I said: stomach pain. So I hurriedly awakened my dad to take me to the emergency room of the hospital Carton Of Cigarettes. The doctor said after examination: there is no fever, no diarrhea, it does not matter, it may be caused by the stool not being pulled out. Strangely, after the stomach was pressed by the doctor, it felt much better. At this time, my mother let her heart down and turned out to be a false alarm. My mother is such a person. She cares for me meticulously. She is a cheerful person. In addition to working every day, she also does heavy housework for us, but she has no complaints and is always happy to pay for us. 2017 My mother wrote a composition [Part 2] Mother's eyes are big, her nose is small, her mouth is small, her hair is long, and her hair is a little fat, but in my heart, my mother is always the most beautiful My mother's dishes are super delicious! My dad and his brother said they were delicious. Once my mother asked me to help her take care of her younger brother, I only worked hard as a mother! Now I remember that my mother used to work hard no matter what I used to do. How, I wish my mother a long life and beautiful youth! 2017 My mother wrote a composition [Part Three] My mother is an amiable Marlboro Gold, very understanding mother, love me and my father. A few days ago, my mother suddenly became very fond of smelly hair. She permed her hair during the New Year and bought lipstick, expensive pants and shoes. Once, my mother drew her eyebrows next to the mirror. I asked my mother: Mom, why did your love become stinky? My mother froze, and then she smiled and said to me: Because I love you and my father more. What's the reason? I'm sick and my mother's courage is very small. If my dad is on a business trip, then my mother will haunt me to sleep with her at night, otherwise, she will turn on the light until dawn. Of course, I like Mom sleeps, because of this, not only feel safe, but also whisper to mom. My mother has never beaten me, nor reprimanded me, her temper is always good, only occasionally nagging, for example: I should be serious when I take the exam Marlboro Red, do n��t lose my heart She would also haunt her, let her sleep with me, study with me, play games with me, and my mother said that she has become a third-party mother, huh, huh.
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