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Let's take a look at the composition written by others! Seeing more as a composition can improve your composition. Today, the editor has prepared 200 words for the fifth grade Journey to the West for everyone Marlboro Lights. If you like composition, you can follow us on the dictionary composition website. More excellent compositions can be found here. Part One: The fifth-year Journey to the West read 200 words after the book. This book said that Tang Seng, with the help of three apprentices, beheaded the demon and removed the demon. After reading, I feel that Sun Wukong is a person who loves freedom and is not brave enough to fight. I admire him very much. Pig Bajie acted rashly and greedily, so lazy and clumsy, greedy and thought of being a son-in-law. I think he is weak. The sand monk is a little brainy but listens to Master and Brother very much. The four people are in great difficulty, but they never give up and continue to learn. I remember once my mother taught me to step on a bicycle. I stepped on it several times and it fell off. My mother said: "If you never give up, you must learn." After listening to my mother, I finally realized that I must be brave. I hope all children can be a brave person. Part 2: After reading the Journey to the West in the fifth grade, I felt 200 words during the summer vacation. I read the book "Journey to the West", and I admire the four Tang monks for their perseverance. The four Tang monks experienced difficulties in "The Journey to the West", and then finally went to Xitian, obtained the mantra, and hurried back to Datang. Tang monk and apprentice were chased by demons and ghosts on the way to Xitian Cigarettes Online. For example: three dozen white bone essence, first of all, white bone essence becomes a girl who delivers food, wants to approach Tang Seng, and is seen and killed by Sun Wukong. Then he became an old man again and was beaten to death by Sun Wukong; the third time it became an old lady and was killed by Sun Wukong Online Cigarettes. But Tang Seng mistakenly blamed Wukong for killing him, and had to drive him away. Sun Wukong had to return to Huaguo Mountain. Later, Tang Seng was arrested and Sun Wukong came to the rescue in time. There are goldfish essence, yellow robe essence, black bear monster ... etc., Sun Wukong surrendered them one by one. Sun Wukong has been protecting Tang Seng all the way, but he has been misrepresented by Tang Seng many times. Sometimes he even read the "tight mantra", but Sun Wukong has not given up his determination to protect Tang Seng and go to Xitian to learn from it. It is precisely because of their perseverance that they can overcome the difficulties of 1981 and go to Xitian to retrieve the truth. The book Journey to the West explains: As long as you persevere, you will win, and it is precisely the old saying that "persistence is victory." In our study, no matter what difficulties we encounter, as long as we persist, success will definitely belong to us.

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